‘After Lately’ up against the best programming on TV, some thoughts

Sass, skepticism and smarm are the trademarks of Chelsea Handler, America’s fiercest little late night host.</P> <P>"After Lately" is a a ‘Larry Sanders’-ized approach to what a fan might imagine the behind-the-scenes are for the sardonic E! host, but unfortunately for E!, Sunday night is the fiercest little night in all of TV programming.</P> <P>Premiering tonight, Sunday night at 11 on E!, “After Lately’’ is a send up sitcom filmed ‘Office’ style of writer situations, fan situations and a cast of characters that include Jeff Wild, Chris Franjola, Brad Wollack, Heather McDonald and the fan favorite, Handler aide-de-camp, Chuy Bravo.</P> <P>“After Lately’’ is a mockumentary series that follows Handler and her staff as they plan and execute the nightly E! series, “Chelsea Lately.’’ Handler plays a heightened even more narcissistic version of herself, a comely comic who lives to take the piss out of the famous, and yet courts the fame game as hard as any Kardashian.</P> <P>The only saving grace for fans of Chelsea AND great Sunday night TV is the time slot, which has all the good Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, American Pickers, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter and Homeland watching mostly under the belt.</P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.