Actor Johnny Lewis acted out under drug influence, addiction expert doctor weighs in

Actor Johnny Lewis was found dead yesterday in Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, California in what is being described as a horrific crime scene.

Reportedly Lewis’ landlady, Catherine Davis, was bludgeoned to death before he fell to his own death.

Multiple sources – including TMZ and the Los Angeles Times – report he was released from jail less than a week before police say he fatally attacked his 81-year-old landlord, despite two convictions in August that earned him jail time.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Lewis, 28, pleaded no contest Aug. 8 to one count of assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to 365 days in Los Angeles County jail with three years of probation, a district attorney’s office spokeswoman said. Nine days later, he pleaded no contest to a burglary charge in separate case and received 291 days in jail.

He was released from custody Friday afternoon, according to published online jail records show.

Investigators tell reporters that Davis rented a room to the troubled actor.

Los Angeles police were called to the 3600 block of Lowry Road about 10:40 a.m. after receiving several calls reporting a “screaming woman” and three men fighting.

Reports to the Times reveal Lewis approached a neighbor of Ms Davis that morning wearing only jeans and introduced himself as “John,” a new neighbor. Lewis reportedly returned about 15 minutes later, when he attacked a painter in the neighbor’s yard, the neighbor told the Times.

The neighbor’s recounting of the assault highlighted the unusual strength and force Lewis applied in the assault, saying he was almost impervious to any restraining.

Investigators are saying Lewis died after falling from a nearby roof or balcony and Davis died from blunt force trauma. Coroner’s officials said no official causes of death had been determined.

The Times reports that investigators first were under the impression it was PCP or meth, and now possibly C2-I — a designer drug known as “smiles” that was the drug Lewis may have ingested.

The Drug Enforcement Administration reports this drug compound causes hallucinations.

Lewis was a beloved character for two seasons on FX’s hit series “Sons of Anarchy,” Lewis’ list of credits include appearances on “Boston Public,” “The O.C.,” “Criminal Minds” and “The Guardian.” The Los Angeles native also acted in several film roles.

Medical and addiction expert, Cliffside Malibu’s physician Dr. Damon Raskin, spoke to Monsters and Critics about the effects these drugs have on people.

He tells Monsters and Critics, “One of the hallmark features of PCP and similar drugs specifically is this notion of superhuman strength. There is a huge disconnect with the user and reality, however, and this often leads to tragic outcomes such as this one. Patients may report feeling they can fly or lift anything. These drugs can confuse the brain so badly that the user will often hurt or kill themselves thinking they can do these ‘superman’ feats.”

Dr Damon Raskin, M.D is a board certified internist. For 10 years Dr. Raskin has specialized in working in addiction detoxification. Dr. Raskin has been interviewed for national and local media on all topics related to addiction and can be reached at

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