Abduction – Blu-ray Review

Taylor Lautner shines as an action hero in Abducted.  Surrounded by top veteran actors Sigourney Weaver, Jason Isaacs, Alfred Molina and Maria Bello, Taylor Lautner delivers a fast paced and physical performance as a young man whose entire existence has been turned upside-down. 

Engaging and entertaining, Lautner fans should be pleased with this film and the Blu-ray extras.

While working on a high school sociology assignment Nathan (Lautner) makes the discovery that he may be an abducted child, that his parents are not really his parents.  He loves the people he knows as his father and mother (Jason Isaacs and Maria Bello) and is shocked and scared when immediately after his online acknowledgement of the missing child picture someone breaks in and both “parents” are killed. 

Nathan must run for his life, depending on what his “father” has taught him about protection and survival.  Aided by his longtime friend and now romantic interest (played by Lily Collins), he seeks answers.  Who can he trust?  From his therapist ( Weaver) to the FBI agents (Alfred Molina as leader) is Nathan getting help, or is the ring simply tightening around him for his capture. 

As well as trying to escape, Nathan is trying to figure out who he is and why this is happening.  It is an entertaining thriller, with an engaging cast of characters and a well-constructed plot; if not exactly plausible, it is still a good story.

Expecting Abducted to be the usual teenage angst fare is doing the film a great disservice.  While the hero is young, and the plot of finding out you are really someone else a teenager’s dream scenario, Lautner grows up before our eyes becoming responsible and able to manage his skills and emotions. 
Abducted on Blu-ray is presented on single disc with a variety of special features.  Digital copy is also available in this combination which will be something to please Lautner fans.  Featurettes Initiation of an Action Hero, and The Fight for the Truth, are entertaining and enlightening.  Taylor Lautner is praised by fellow actors and crew of the film for both his personality and his physical abilities. 

He performs much of the stunt work, fighting scenes, and escapes without a double.  He is affable and conscientious according to directors and other crew and cast, and works for perfection in stunts and scenes.  The Abduction Application feature allows the viewer to customize the film experience with picture in picture features including both documentaries and cast and crew interviews.

If you are a Taylor Lautner fan or have one in your house, this is a film you definitely want for your collection.  We will most likely be seeing Mr. Lautner in more action/adventure type movies in the near future. 

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