2014 Puppy Bowl On Animal Planet, A Few Of Our Favorites

30th January 2014 by
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2014 Puppy Bowl On Animal Planet, A Few Of Our Favorites

2014 Puppy Bowl On Animal Planet, A Few Of Our Favorites

It’s nearly here! Just took three days and as many as 49 crew members and 48 volunteers to shoot the 2014 Puppy Bowl.

Animal Planet nabbed over 103 hours of woofage, edited down to two hours. The Puppy Bowl stadium is only 19 feet long by 10 feet wide.  This year’s Puppy Bowl will feature 66 playpups, but only 12 to 15 are on the field at any given time. And a touchdowns occurs only when puppies pick up their toys and cross the end zone. No go backs!

Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl” has penguin cheerleaders, a bird to tweet about the action and a kitty half-time show, Puppy Bowl is not only one of Animal Planet’s biggest events but a respite for those of us who care ot a whit about the gridiron.

The first Puppy Bowl aired in 2005, and was a 12-hour montage of wandering dogs with no commentary and zero ads decorating the stadium. Yet over 5.6 million viewers to watch at some point during the telecast.


Cut to a decade later, the Animal Planet staple is a 12-hour event with over 12 million people tuning in, and Animal Planet has successfully sold nearly every inch of the field.  This year they have a VIP suite, sponsored by Sheba cat food, where the kitty cats will lounge.

Subaru will air four traditional ads during the “Puppy Bowl” along with custom vignettes throughout the game. It’s also the sponsor of the “drive of the day” and “kiss cam” segments.

Also, Animal Planet has hosted the “Puppy Bowl” experience the week before the game at the Discovery Times Square museum and exhibition space in Manhattan. The 15,000 square-foot area included puppies to play with, a recreated set and booths for sponsors to interact with fans.

TVByTheNumbers.com reported that the “Puppy Bowl” was watched by an average of 2.6 million people during its initial two-hour run in 2013, and averaged 1.1 million viewers during the Super Bowl blackout that night.

The success has inspired Hallmark Channel and Nat Geo Wild – which are airing Super Bowl programming featuring kitties and a goldfish.

Hallmark’s “Kitten Bowl” features shelter kitties that are available for adoption. “Kitten Bowl,” scheduled to air from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday, will be hosted by Beth Ostrosky Stern and Yankees radio sportscaster John Sterling.

Nat Geo Wild will air “Fish Bowl” from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here are some of M&C’s favorites:


Parker — Breed: Labrador Retriever/Husky Mix — Age: 13 weeks —  (Photo by: Keith Barraclough/Animal Planet)


August — Breed: Boxer — Age: 12 weeks —  (Photo by: Keith Barraclough/Animal Planet)


Coco — Breed: Poodle Mix — Age: 14 weeks —  (Photo by: Keith Barraclough/Animal Planet)


Delachaise — Breed: Pit Bull Mix — Age: 14 weeks —  (Photo by: Keith Barraclough/Animal Planet)


Ginger — Age: 12 weeks — Breed: Old English Sheep Dog —  (Photo by: Keith Barraclough/Animal Planet)


Suri — Age: 14 weeks — Breed: Siberian Husky —  (Photo by: Keith Barraclough/Animal Planet)