TV Picks: Monster Week is May 18 – 26 on Animal Planet – Schedule, VIDEO

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TV Picks: Monster Week is May 18 – 26 Starting at 9PM on Animal Planet

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Highlights: TV’s Most Beastly Week Is Back and Bigger Than Before! Animal Planet’s Monster Week Returns

— Shannen Doherty, Christopher Lloyd & Jason Brooks Star in Horror Film Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys
— Animal Planet Host Showtime Eric Young Kicks Off Nine-Day Programming Event Sunday, May 18, at 9 PM ET/PT

Monster Week is Animal Planet’s giant event, now in its third year and is so large it needs nine days to tell the frightfully fun and over-the-top tales of the monsters that lurk below water and stalk on land.

Beginning Sunday, May 18, at 9 PM ET/PT, join Animal Planet’s Showtime Eric Young as he hosts nightly premieres of programming, which include the network’s marquee two-hour special, Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys, special premieres of fan-favorite River Monsters and many more monstrous specials that transport viewers out of their living rooms and put them face to face with the colossal beasts that lurk just below the surface, and sometimes, right outside their front doors.

“Showtime” Eric Young is the Host of Animal Planet’s No Limits

Recently crowned World Heavyweight Champion “Showtime” Eric Young has established a vigorous name for himself in the ring for years, making his mark through his performance for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Young is also a TNA X Division Champion, and winner of all of TNA’s tag team titles, including the NWA World Tag, the TNA World Tag and the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Young has made a robust career through wrestling and has shaped his television persona by implementing comic relief in the characters he takes on.

After graduating high school in Canada, Young began working toward professional wrestling by training with old-time wrestler Waldo Von Erich. Around the same time, Young owned the Wrestleplex training facility, working with wrestler Shawn Spear who signed with World Wrestling Entertainment. Appearing on the show a few times as well, it was here that his stage name surfaced.

Joining TNA in 2004, Young became a member of Team Canada, a group frequently featured on the television program Impact Wrestling. It was on this show, presenting the wrestlers both in and out of the ring, that Young became known for his paranoia, resembling characters like Tweek and Butters from South Park. By seeing a side of Young beyond the ring, a witty identity was crafted. Later, Eric Young became “Super Eric,” using superhero gimmicks and establishing “The Prince Justice Brotherhood” with wrestlers Curry Man and Shark Boy. Young was crowned World Heavyweight Champion on April 10, 2014.

Young returns to Animal Planet this summer in the new series No Limits, a continuation of the adventure series Off the Hook: Extreme Catches. Now that he’s conquered extreme fishing, Young’s never-ending thirst for adventure takes him on a new road trip where he meets some of the toughest and craziest people in the country and embraces their odd, local, adrenaline-fueled traditions. From learning what it takes to be a lumberjack in the Smoky Mountains to surfing gnarly sand dunes in Arizona, Young’s newfound quest pushes him to the edge of his comfort zone while he showcases some of America’s most extreme lifestyles.

Young resides in Nashville, Tennessee, but is on the road a majority of the time for both his new series and wrestling tour.

Monster Week

May 18 – 26 Starting at 9PM on Animal Planet

Episode Descriptions

The following specials are slated to premiere during Monster Week:

River Monsters: Bone Crusher
Sunday, May 18, at 9 PM ET/PT

When a corpse is found with highly unusual injuries, extreme angler Jeremy Wade instinctively knows he may be on the trail of a new monster. Digging deeper, he soon uncovers the dead body is only the tip of the iceberg – the region has had a recent spike in unexplained disappearances, and locals have sighted a huge unknown creature patrolling the water. Is there a connection between these things, or is it only circumstance? To solve this mystery, Jeremy must confront one of his biggest fears and faces a river monster with which he never has dealt before. (View River Monsters Ekit)

River Monsters Unhooked: Amazon Apocalypse
Monday, May 19, at 9 PM ET/PT

In this special River Monsters Unhooked, go behind the scenes with extreme angler Jeremy Wade as he uncovers the truth behind the Amazon Apocalypse. It was hailed as the safest boat on the Amazon River, but when the Sobral Santos sank in the middle of a pitch-black night, it’s said many of the fated passengers were eaten alive. The death toll reached the hundreds – more than all of Wade’s previous River Monsters investigations combined.

Man-Eating Zombie Cats
Tuesday, May 20, at 8 PM ET/PT

An incurable zombie-like pathogen is spreading fast and giving big cats around the world a sensational thirst for blood – human blood. These now-mindless predators are fearless man-killers and are stalking the human population. Can anything be done to stop these ruthless felines?

Devoured: Man-Eating Super Snake
Thursday, May 22, at 8 PM ET/PT

South Florida is under siege from a new invasive species. This time, they’re man-eaters: African rock pythons. These lethal giant constrictors are one of nature’s most aggressive snakes. As exotic pets or in the wild, they have attacked and killed humans. Now on the loose in Florida, they threaten the safety of people, native animals and the ecosystem. These predators currently are confined to an area west of Miami, and if they make it to the Everglades and interbreed with another invasive behemoth – the Burmese python – they could birth a terrifying, hybrid, man-eating super snake. Authorities are battling to stop these ferocious killer aliens, but are they too late?

Mermaids: The Body Found – The Extended Cut
Saturday, May 24, at 8 PM ET/PT

Mermaids: The Body Found – The Extended Cut looks even further into the story about evolutionary possibility grounded in scientific theory, which blends real-life events and phenomena with a first-hand account of a team of government scientists who testify they found the remains of a never-before-identified sea creature with ties to human origins – a mermaid. Stunning computer animation, eyewitness video and photographic evidence shows us what the mermaid looks like, and questions are raised about whether the government is involved in a massive cover-up, hiding information about the possible survival of these creatures and if they exist today.

Mermaids: The New Evidence – The Extended Cut
Saturday, May 24, at 10 PM ET/PT

Mermaids: The New Evidence – The Extended Cut digs deeper into an exclusive interview with Dr. Paul Robertson, former NOAA scientist who led last year’s investigation in Mermaids: The Body Found

Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys,

Premiering Sunday, May 25, at 9 PM ET/PT,

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This is from the creators of Sharknado, serves as a frightening reminder that monsters come in all shapes and sizes and can attack when you least expect. Actors Shannen Doherty (90210), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and Jason Brooks (Days of Our Lives) star in the thriller set in small-town Michigan, where lampreys terrorize the residents, and each dip in the pool or trip to the toilet turns into a life-or-death situation. Looking for their next blood-filled victim, lampreys, which are eel-like fish with huge-toothed, funnel-like mouths, insinuate their slimy bodies throughout the town’s sewer system. There is absolutely nowhere to run, and no one is safe. When are they going to strike next? Who’s the next victim? The only thing you can be sure of is that it’s going to suck – big time!

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For those who survive the blood lake, they’re in for a final Monster Week treat. The week concludes on Monday, May 26, at 9 PM ET/PT, with the season finale of River Monsters.

Extreme angler Jeremy Wade dives deep into South American waters to investigate the legend of the “Water Mama,” a monstrous beast that leaves carnage behind and blood in its wake. People are disappearing without a trace, and Wade is determined to uncover the truth behind this beastly mystery. But, as he gets closer to debunking the myth, he learns he may actually reveal “killer mermaids.”

Not all the action in the most anticipated week in cable takes place in the water. On land, Monster Week has you covered with Nature’s Most Wanted (working title), a special that follows a quest to find and relocate a gigantic crocodile that is tormenting a local village, and Man-Eating Zombie Cats, about big cats with an incurable pathogen and a sensational thirst for human blood. For all episode descriptions, visit

Sea Lampreys Fact Sheet
About Sea Lampreys:

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  • Sea lampreys are primitive jawless fish native to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • They resemble eels, but unlike eels, lampreys do not have jaws and only have cartilage. They also feed on large fish.
  • Lampreys can live in both salt and fresh water.
  • Sea lampreys entered the United States’ Great Lakes in the early 20th century through shipping canals.
  • By the late 1940s, sea lamprey populations exploded in the upper Great Lakes, which caused significant damage to lake trout and other fish species.
  •  Today, lampreys can be found in streams throughout the Great Lakes basin.

Sea Lampreys Life Cycle:

  • Adult sea lampreys move into gravel areas of tributary streams during spring and early summer.
  • They build nests and lay eggs before dying.
  • The fertilized eggs hatch into small, wormlike larvae, which are swept downstream from the nest and burrow into sand and silt.
  • The larvae feed on debris and algae for an average of three to six years before they transform into the parasitic phase.
  • The adult lampreys then migrate into the Great Lakes where they spend 12 to 20 months feeding on fish.
  • The complete life cycle, from egg to adult, averages five to eight years to complete.

Sea Lampreys Effect on the Great Lakes Fishery:

  • Sea lampreys have had a very negative impact on the Great Lakes fishery.
  • They attach to fish with their sucking disks and sharp teeth and feed on the fish’s body fluids, which often kills the fish.
  • As a parasite, lampreys can kill 40 or more pounds of fish. Under some conditions, only one out of seven fish attacked by a sea lamprey will survive.
  • They prey on all species of large Great Lakes fish, such as trout, salmon, rainbow trout, whitefish, chubs, catfish, burbot and walleye.
  • Since sea lampreys did not evolve with naturally occurring Great Lakes species, their aggressive behavior gave them a big advantage over their native fish prey.
  • Their feeding behavior contributed significantly to the collapse in population of lake trout, whitefish and chub fish in the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Before the sea lampreys entered the Great Lakes, the United States and Canada harvested approximately 15 million pounds of lake trout; however, by the early 1960s, the catch was only 300,000 pounds.